Perfective Maintenance

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Perfective Maintenance is comprised of three components: Perfective Monitoring, Perfective Analysis, and Perfective Change.

Perfective Monitoring examines application data capacity for the purpose of creating Requests for Change to improve the application’s database, storage capacity and to avoid future incidents. Perfective Monitoring will be restricted to surveillance of application consumables: database and data storage.

Perfective Monitoring does not include Run Time Improvement (RTI) analysis, proactive code flaw analysis, or hosting optimization. Specific requests for analysis of these types of activities will be processed as Perfective Analysis Request for Changes.

Perfective Analysis analyzes application processing for the purpose of creating Requests for Change for performance tuning and operational improvements. This Service is initiated by and measured through Perfective Analysis Request for Changes.

Perfective Change provides the Deliverable required by the Request for Change to modify an application and its documentation to improve the application’s operation, performance, maintainability, or to avoid future Problems.

The following are examples of Perfective Maintenance activities:

  1. Archive or purge data.
    1. Schedule queries and reports to optimize performance.
    1. Proactively find a defect in production code before the code is executed.
    1. Proactively monitor, identify, and upgrade software component version as approved by Organisation
    1. Modify queries and application logic to improve system response time or run time.

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