A Future Without Plastic Waste

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When going to buy vegetables and fruits, we all carry our purchases back home in a plastic bag. We all hear that plastic is harmful but still use it. Why do we do it? This is because plastic has become an inseparable part our life that cannot be given up easily.

Plastic is durable and cheap which makes it comfortable to use when compared to other materials. It is seen … Read the rest “A Future Without Plastic Waste”

Reading: A Good Habit

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Books are the best source of knowledge and information. Reading daily, develops our imagination and provides us good knowledge. Reading books increases our vocabulary. They give us a chance to enter a new world which might not be a reality and which enables our imagination to run wild. There are many types of genres of books. There are biographies which give us an insight into the lives of other … Read the rest “Reading: A Good Habit”