Corrective Maintenance

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Corrective Maintenance is defined as modifying an application, its data, and its documentation to effect fixes or workarounds to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of Severity Level 1, Severity Level 2, Severity Level 3, Severity Level 4 Incidents.  Corrective Maintenance also includes the Service to respond to Incidents during Support Coverage Hours to keep production applications running in the event of an Incident.

A workaround does not necessarily correct the source Incident but may be accepted as the resolution. Modifications are not made for the purpose of changing user functionality; only to make the application compliant with baseline requirements.

Corrective Maintenance is performed in accordance with the assigned Severity Level during Support Coverage Hours, or as required to meet the Level of Service requirements. Unless directed by Organisation in writing, Corrective Maintenance Severity Level 1 and 2 will have priority for resolution over other types Service Categories in this SLA.

The following are examples of Corrective Maintenance:

  1. Develop and execute scripts to fix data.
  2. Changes to production source code to fix code in response to incidents or Problems.
  3. Perform problem determination.
  4. Develop workarounds for incidents/Problems so user can continue business function.

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