Application Continuity

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Application Continuity consists of the activities to maintain and periodically execute the documented Application Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in test mode. Application Continuity prepares Organisation for continued service if a disruption occurs, by recreating or restoring the application to the operational state that existed just prior to the disruption.

Application Disaster Recovery Planning

Application Disaster Recovery Planning documents the plans and procedures that make up an Application Disaster Recovery Plan (ADRP).

Application Disaster Recovery Plan Testing / Maintenance

Application Disaster Recovery Plan Testing / Maintenance examines the DRP for completeness and correctness. The first execution of the Application Disaster Recovery Plan Testing/Maintenance Service must start with a validated, up-to-date Application Disaster Recovery Plan, as defined in the DR Planning Service. The validation of the DRP is provided through participation in a Disaster Recovery (DR) drill.

Application Disaster Recovery Event

In the event of a natural disaster, or another disruption where normal restore procedures cannot be used to recover an application, “Application Disaster Recovery” (ADR) will restore the application according to the DRP

Transition-To-Support of Enhancements or Projects

Process to review and accept application changes and new applications into production. To transition responsibility from the Development team to the Production Support team.

Database Management

Database Management delivers the definition, design, and implementation of changes to application databases and manages the ongoing operation of the application databases. Application Database Management is performed by an application Database Administrator (DBA).


Testing comprises a variety of practices to examine application components’ compliance to requirements at the unit testing, integration testing, and system testing stages.

Within each of these stages various types of Testing will be performed as appropriate against changes developed by production support. The degree to which Testing is necessary (the stages, types, and extent of the Testing) will be commensurate with the size, complexity, and potential business impact of the Deliverable.

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