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User Support supports user requests.  Consists of Functional Support, Audit Support, Security Compliance Assessment and Logging and Monitoring.

Functional Support

Functional Support responds to user-initiated Service Requests that are dispatched by the Incident/ticket management system. Functional support is comprised of questions about application functionality and requests for repeatable, defined Services that do not require change to application code or database level change.

Functional support also covers ad-hoc reporting, which is defined as unique extractions of data from the application when approved by an authorized Organisational approver.

Audit Support

Audit Support is comprised of the activities required to gather readily available data, in support of Organisational internal and external audit requests.

Security Compliance and Risk Assessment

Security Compliance and Risk Assessment provide the application and database security assessment and remediation as part of the of the Organisation Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) process to attain compliance to Organisation Information Security Policies and Standards

Logging and Monitoring

Logging and Monitoring is comprised of activities to verify application and database are generating required log events and the logs are collected, reviewed, and stored per Organisation Information Security Policies and Standards.

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