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Processing Support consists of the application-related activities required to run the production environment. Processing Support activities include scheduled updates of application components (for example tables, parameters, scripts, job schedules, or data loads) with predetermined values that are required for the successful completion of the application’s processing.

Processing Support also includes application monitoring for issues or successful completion of processing. As temporary workarounds are implemented by Service Provider, additional Processing Support may be required until a permanent fix is implemented.

One-time or non-routine requests for changes or special processing are submitted as a Request for Change.

Processing Support Requests for Change will be processed as discrete units, and will not represent recurring or ongoing Processing Support activities.


Enhancements modify an application and its documentation to supplement or replace an existing function and can be either a Minor Enhancement or a Major Enhancement, depending on the effort involved in the modification.

Enhancements are handled as Requests for Change (RFC) and discussed at the Change Control Board meeting where the RFCs are assessed, approved, prioritized, and scheduled into a release.

A Minor Enhancement is a Service to define, analyze, design, produce, test, and implement modifications to an  application and its documentation to supplement or replace existing functionality.

An example of a Minor Enhancement:

A simple code change to reports, queries, forms, scripts, or screens/pages

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