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The wave, in motion, is unstoppable and businesses will have to shift their priorities to account for the new climate surrounding data. Data control is the way of the future, and any company that deals with customer data will have to innovate accordingly.

At the beginning of 2020, another significant data privacy law goes into effect in California. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) carries with it some of the … Read the rest “4-reasons-why-companies-should-pursue-data-control”

A typical design document template

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The Design Document will be the starting point work product for a number of your assignments.  In many cases you could, and should, do the Design Document before doing any of the actual “work”.  To a degree, the Design Document could be seen a part of the Plan on what you will do, but I tend to look at the Design Document as providing more of a technical overview and the … Read the rest “A typical design document template”

Serverless computing: Ready or not?

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Like any disruptive technology, serverless computing is surrounded by plenty of hope and hype. Getting at the truth and deciding if the technology is right for your organization requires an objective attitude and careful planning.

Generalization of odd SaaS driven requirements and their technical fulfillments

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Overview of the typical SaaS application :

Most SaaS applications fulfill these requirements :

– there is a single deployment of one codebase

– there is a single deployment of one database

– multiple and distinct user groups use it, view it as their “own” customized application

– it is web based, accessible over browsers

For example, the SaaS provider deploys a single application called say App, with an AppDB. … Read the rest “Generalization of odd SaaS driven requirements and their technical fulfillments”