Convert HTML to PDF

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How to Convert the HTML to PDF

Here is a very simple method to convert any html to PDF and send the file to an email as attachment. This is a java utility. The code work

  1. create a folder on your system.
  2. open the code and give the folder path where the source file will be stored. e.g.



3) Setup the program

4) Copy the html file in … Read the rest “Convert HTML to PDF”

User Story

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User stories are a critical part of agile software development. Why? Because the user story delivers the value to customers directly.

Most of the time success of the agile team depends on the way stories are defined, prioritized and delivered. Both the product owner and the team has a crucial to play here. Following points we need to consider to write and manage the user stories.

  • What is a
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The Right Step towards better INDIA

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The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the National Education Policy 2020 today, making way for large scale, transformational reforms in both school and higher education sectors. This is the first education policy of the 21st century and replaces the thirty-four year old National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986.  Built on the foundational pillars of Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability, this policy is  … Read the rest “The Right Step towards better INDIA”

Reliance Jio launches video conferencing app JioMeet to take on Zoom: All you need to know

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Reliance has finally unveiled its video conferencing platform JioMeet to take on likes of Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The JioMeet apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store for download. Although there are enough video conferencing tools in the market already, Jio eyes to be the first choice for Indians. Earlier, the beta version of the app was rolled out for developers but after rigorous testing … Read the rest “Reliance Jio launches video conferencing app JioMeet to take on Zoom: All you need to know”

Application Continuity

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Application Continuity consists of the activities to maintain and periodically execute the documented Application Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in test mode. Application Continuity prepares Organisation for continued service if a disruption occurs, by recreating or restoring the application to the operational state that existed just prior to the disruption.

Application Disaster Recovery Planning

Application Disaster Recovery Planning documents the plans and procedures that make up an Application Disaster Recovery Plan … Read the rest “Application Continuity”

User Support

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User Support supports user requests.  Consists of Functional Support, Audit Support, Security Compliance Assessment and Logging and Monitoring.

Functional Support

Functional Support responds to user-initiated Service Requests that are dispatched by the Incident/ticket management system. Functional support is comprised of questions about application functionality and requests for repeatable, defined Services that do not require change to application code or database level change.

Functional support also covers ad-hoc reporting, which is … Read the rest “User Support”

Processing Support

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Processing Support consists of the application-related activities required to run the production environment. Processing Support activities include scheduled updates of application components (for example tables, parameters, scripts, job schedules, or data loads) with predetermined values that are required for the successful completion of the application’s processing.

Processing Support also includes application monitoring for issues or successful completion of processing. As temporary workarounds are implemented by Service Provider, additional Processing Support … Read the rest “Processing Support”

Perfective Maintenance

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Perfective Maintenance is comprised of three components: Perfective Monitoring, Perfective Analysis, and Perfective Change.

Perfective Monitoring examines application data capacity for the purpose of creating Requests for Change to improve the application’s database, storage capacity and to avoid future incidents. Perfective Monitoring will be restricted to surveillance of application consumables: database and data storage.

Perfective Monitoring does not include Run Time Improvement (RTI) analysis, proactive code flaw analysis, or hosting … Read the rest “Perfective Maintenance”

Corrective Maintenance

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Corrective Maintenance is defined as modifying an application, its data, and its documentation to effect fixes or workarounds to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of Severity Level 1, Severity Level 2, Severity Level 3, Severity Level 4 Incidents.  Corrective Maintenance also includes the Service to respond to Incidents during Support Coverage Hours to keep production applications running in the event of an Incident.

A workaround does not necessarily correct … Read the rest “Corrective Maintenance”

Application Maintenance

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Application Maintenance consists of the activities to keep an application and its documentation in conformance to existing business and operational requirements. The Application Maintenance does not change (add, modify, or delete) the business functionality provided by the application to the user.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance is that portion of Application Maintenance to modify an application and its documentation as necessitated by changes (patches, updates, etc) to the technical environment in … Read the rest “Application Maintenance”