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User stories are a critical part of agile software development. Why? Because the user story delivers the value to customers directly.

Most of the time success of the agile team depends on the way stories are defined, prioritized and delivered. Both the product owner and the team has a crucial to play here. Following points we need to consider to write and manage the user stories.

  • What is a User Story and Why is it required?
  • The format of a user story or user story template
  • Writing user stories using a practical example.
  • How to write acceptance criteria for a user story?
  • Concept of Persona
  • The life cycle of a user story
  • User Story Mapping
  • Prioritizing User Stories
  • 3Cs of User Story
  • INVEST Principle
  • What is Technical User Story?
  • What is an E2E user story?
  • How to do vertical slicing of features?

So how does a user story look like? Basic Structure

As a (user role), I want to (activity), so that (value).

  • One liner – user story description.
  • Acceptance criteria.
  • Details:
    • Technical Description
    • Tasks Associated
    • Tests Associated
    • Assumptions
    • Dependencies
  • Priority
  • Efforts
  • Theme
  • Status

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