The Cloud: Catalyst for Public Sector Digital Transformation

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We cannot talk about digital transformation without discussing technology. In this third article on public sector digital tranformation, I’d like to mention several key information and communications technologies (ICT). Some examples from Huawei include: Converged Command Center, which supports cross-agency collaboration and real-time video integration; Smart Customs, which allows single-window customs declaration and services; Intelligent Traffic Management, which automates the smooth flow of vehicular traffic; Smart Education, which enables blended and hybrid learning; and Smart Healthcare, which  supports telemedicine.

However, digital transformation goes beyond implementing individual solutions – the current pandemic has shown the world the importance of ICT infrastructure, both national and citywide. It has to be a top priority for any country, and it has to include affordable internet access. The Mexican Government has been planning for the “Internet para Todos,” or “Internet for all” program, to make sure the internet can be accessed by as many people as possible at an affordable cost.

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