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Artificial Intelligence : The intelligence demonstrated by the machines in contrast to the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans, also known as the machine intelligence. This is a branch of computer science that is applied to build smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Alan Turing published a paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950 and subsequent tests by Alan laid down the foundation and established the vision of artificial intelligence. A text book “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach“, by authors Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig explored four different approached, that defined the range of AI

  1. Thinking humanly
  2. Thinking rationally
  3. Acting humanly 
  4. Acting rationally

AI can be of two type Narrow or Strong (Artificial General Intelligence). Narrow AI is all around us and we use Narrow AI in many ways in our daily life i.e.

Web search i.e. Bing or Google , Siri or Alexa , Self driven cars , OCR , Pilot or Driving Simulations , Spam email filters , Shows recommendation from Netflix , Filter of dangerous social media content are some of the examples of AI. Machine learning is one such application of Narrow AI.

Correctly said by Frank Chen

Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and intelligence to try to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is one of them, and deep learning is one of those machine learning techniques.” 

The concept which allows the machine to learn and expertise from data, examples without explicit programming is known as Machine learning. ML algorithms focus on machine learning from experience and making prediction based on experiences. E.g. if you are shopping online and select  a Bluetooth headphone for purchase,  then the system will recommend you similar products or products purchased or looked by a shopper who in past also surfed  or purchased Bluetooth headphones.

ML core is what we recognize as intelligence based on statistics and probability rather than the logic. Say of we are playing chess or any other board game online with system then estimating a move that is most likely to win game is based on probability rather that logic.

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