Deployment planning

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DEPLOYMENT PLAN; What should be considered

A good deployment plan or production move is must in order to avoid any unforeseen problem that we may encounter during or after the production deployment.

These are certain points that we should keep in mind

  1. Is this a new application or application change
  2. Is version number in place for future references. Do we have a good source control system or where will the source code be placed?
  3. Is the build and release checklist in place
  4. Detailed information for new application or change
  5. Where are the technical reviews and approvals for change information
  6. Do we need a business review and approvals for the change information
  7. Details what we should follow for deployment:
  8. Any production deployment calendar restrictions; is there any restriction due to which we cannot deploy in production. E.g due to month end business closure we cannot deploy in production from 25h of current month to 5th on next month.
  9. Deployment plan; steps in sequence from 1 to n , what action will be performed first and what come next and so on
  10. Backout Plan in case of any failure or problem how we will revert the deployment.
  11. Test Summary; what all tests are performed and what the results are? In case of any negative or incomplete test result what remedial steps are taken or required?
  12. Production Test cases; after production move what test are required in addition to sanity check?
  13. Test Case reports; location of test result report
  14. Maintenance window; time frame when we can deploy in production
  15. Version change listing

There may be following section in a deployment plan:

Project Information

The Project Information section asks general project questions, many of which are also required for sharing with Sr. Mgnt when necessary for approvals.

Project Documentation

The Project Documentation section is designed to insure that all applicable documentation is captured or available for proper support of the project moving to production support.

Accounts / Permissions / Infrastructure

The Accounts/Permissions/Infrastructure section attempts to capture information related to set up of required accounts, necessary permissions, and infrastructure requirements for the MTP and also any necessary information for account maintenance post implementation.


The Maintenance section attempts to capture information which the Product Support team will need to properly support and maintain the application or changes.


The Reference section is seeking other related documentation, drawings, instructions, details which are available to the production support team for ongoing maintenance of the application.


The support section information is used to provide the production support team with vital data to insure ongoing minimal problems in supporting the application/ change. This will also list down the responsibilities of support team, SLA to be maintained, maintenance windows etc.

Move To Production – To be filled in by Support representative.

The Move to Production section is an extension of the tracking used by support representatives as a checklist of documentation, walk throughs, approvals, etc… This is must for the changes in existing system. This section may be skipped for new release.

Support Next Steps – To be filled in by Support representative.

Internal support activities & tracking.

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