Deployment planning

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DEPLOYMENT PLAN; What should be considered

A good deployment plan or production move is must in order to avoid any unforeseen problem that we may encounter during or after the production deployment.

These are certain points that we should keep in mind

  1. Is this a new application or application change
  2. Is version number in place for future references. Do we have a good source control system or where will the
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Disaster Support guidelines

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What is this document?

This document describes the set of guidelines that should be followed when a major issue like network failure or total service breakdown happens which causes a lot of failures and alerts. The reason why we need special guidelines for this case is to make sure everyone is updated on a timely manner on what the progress of the issue is and at the same time there … Read the rest “Disaster Support guidelines”

Approach to Troubleshoot

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Important is “ A problem is a problem”. It must be resolved no matter what how critical it is. It can be a problem or Incident. Let it be one affected user or one machine or multiple.

When you trouble shoot an issue, it’s important to first speak to the user of the application. Start by asking some questions by user and then reproduce the same issue at our end. There … Read the rest “Approach to Troubleshoot”

Incident Vs Problem

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A short note for difference between Incident and Problem

For anyone with ITIL knowledge, terms PROBLEM and INCIDENT are often used interchangeably. There is one more word ISSUE when used create more confusion.  However the terms PROBLEM and INCIDENT are different and should be used based on analyse how important the situation is and how to fix it.

Any unplanned disruption in service is known as INCIDENT. If there is … Read the rest “Incident Vs Problem”