Ajay Mehta

A determined, driven and enthusiastic Project Manager with a long track record of delivering the business and technology solutions that client’s wants. More than 18 years of proven track record of success in leading all phases of technology projects and systems integration while providing operational support , change management, incident management, and people management. Committed to producing quality software development, implementation, and automation in alignment with business needs. Always take ownership of any problem that arise, and works hard to implement the policies and procedures laid down by the company. .

Core Strengths

Change Management • Transition Management • People Management • System Integration • Requirements Gathering • Cost Controls • Project Management • Training & Development • Scheduling • Due Diligence • SaaS Software Maintenance • Automation • Client Relations • Process Improvement • User Experience/UX Design • Strategic Planning • Incident Management • Problem Management • Service Delivery • Service Improvement • Process Scheduling • CRM • Business Continuity • Security Compliance • Agile

What I worked on

As Project Manager

• Developed project plans, goals, and budgets, identifying resources needed; aligned with overall organisation goals • Developed schedules and methods for measuring results.
• Guiding and performing strategic analysis for the project.
• Managed all phases of the project to ensure on-time completion.
• Coordinated project team members; assigning individual responsibilities.
• Planning and overseeing the preparation and dissemination of project communications.

As Change Manager

• Design, develop, deliver and management of communications.
• Conduct impact analyses, assess change readiness and identify key stakeholders.
• Complete change management assessments.
• Identify, analyze and prepare risk mitigation tactics.
• Identify and manage anticipated resistance.
• Coordinate efforts with other specialists.
• Integrate change management activities into project plan.
• Evaluate and ensure user readiness.
• Track and report issues.
• Define and measure success.metrics and monitor change progress.
• Manage the change portfolio

As People Manager

• Ensure the daily smooth functioning of team activities.
• Freeze requirement, interview, hire, and train new employees.
• Articulated both short and long-term goals aligned to organisational goals.
• Effectively communicate with management , third party (business-Brazil, China, UK, Mexico, Fuji, Japan, Argentina, USA etc) and vendor teams – HCL, Wipro,TCS, IBM, ATOS, CSC etc) and team and convey the necessary.
• Effective delegate tasks according to the requirements and skill.
• Motivates staff and creates an environment where employees thrive.
• Enforce company policy to cultivate a healthy working environment and held one accountable for their actions.
• Identify the core and soft skill requirements of team and arrange various trainings.
• Managed monthly , half yearly and yearly appraisal cycles, and convey the feed back to members and management.

As Incident Manager

• Responsible for planning and coordinating all the activities required to perform, monitor, and report on the process.
• Remediated deviation of a process.
• Responsible for communicating with the Incident Process Owner.
• Point of contact for all Major Incidents.
• Responsible for the effective implementation of the process "Incident Management" and carries out the respective reporting procedure.
• Represented the first stage of escalation for Incidents.
• Monitor the incidents to ensure that the Service Level Agreement are respected.
• Identified, initiated, schedule and conduct incident reviews.
• Ensure the closure of all resolved and end-user confirmed Incident records.
• Established continuous process improvement cycles where the process performance, activities, roles and responsibilities, policies, procedures and supporting technology is reviewed and enhanced where applicable.